In our journey that began in 1927, we have always aimed to provide you with the best and finest products. From the day we started until today, we have managed to become a well-established brand with the customer satisfaction we have brought.

About Us

Şekerci Hacı Abdullah Efendi, known for its cotton candy production made with carefully selected natural materials since the day it was founded, without compromising on quality, was founded with a heartfelt service and love from the hands of a family. We are proud to produce with the same care and traditional recipes from the past to the present.

At every stage during our history, we have kept the happiness and taste experience of our customers at the forefront. Behind every cotton candy, there are thousands of smiles and unforgettable memories. Our traditional handmade cotton candy varieties aim to offer you an unforgettable taste with their unique flavors and flavor traces left on your palate.

As the most special representative of Turkish tastes and traditional tastes, we maintain our determination to provide high-quality and reliable products for our customers. By blending modern production techniques with traditional methods, we preserve our original taste and present it in a contemporary way.

As a team, we are very pleased to welcome our guests and introduce them to our tastes. We prepare all the flavors we offer to our customers with love and care, because they are part of our family for us.

We wish to sign many more years together on this unique taste journey that we will leave a legacy to future generations. As Şekerci Hacı Abdullah Efendi, we are working to carry Turkish cotton candy to the future with traditional taste buds.

We invite you to taste our flavors that smell of history and to be a partner in this unique journey.