Cotton candy is also known as tel halva. It is a kind of dessert that is very famous in the Kocaeli region

About Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is an indispensable delicacy in all local festivals and celebrations in Kocaeli. Its unique sweetness, lightness, and distinctiveness have made it sought after and popular even beyond the province. The first person to make cotton candy was Hayri Usta from Kandıra.

Although its exact date of origin is uncertain, there are references to this laborious sweet treat with various names in the gatherings of Fatih Sultan Mehmet's household members before he conquered Istanbul in the 1400s during cold winter days.

In various regions of Anatolia, due to its challenging preparation process, there is a legend that the sweet is called "Pisman tatlisi," which means "regretful dessert" because sometimes it fails to set properly and is wasted, leading to regret.